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Open letter to Bernie Sanders

By Adam Diemar, BSW
Independent Redactor anCollaborator for Mente Legal
I have lived in VT all my life, went to Castleton State College. I voted in 2008 for McCain, and it was an uninformed vote where I had no idea how to make any impact ( did not campaign on FB, did not contribute, or volunteer, or really speak up my candidate to others). I must admit that I had no idea what the primaries were much less that it was at all important to get out and vote in them. Than in 2012 I did not vote and didn’t really care what was going on with politics. I was a walking contradiction because I was beginning to study Social Work at Castleton. The values that were taught by people who you may know Lillian Jackson, Dr Dave Ellenbrook, and Luther Brown all seemed to match up with your philosophies.
 I remember not caring too much when they would talk about you, but do remember that not one person in all my friends had anything bad to say about you and had lots of respect and admiration for your service. I had nothing against you as a person, just that my whole attitude toward politics was that of ignorance and indifference. Everybody had good things to say about you and Vermont being the small state that it is, people had met you, knew you and really liked you. Being educated by the Social work professors at Castleton State College, they turned me into a more open person as opposed to the person I was who didn’t think I had much to say about any of those things that the adults might make decisions about.
It gave me a lot of hope and promise- a LOT, when you ran for president and I did the best that I could to support you. I do believe that you did start a movement. The other night, I guess it was last Monday, during the debate, I was back in VT visiting my dad, and I was watching the two candidates, Trump and Hillary. I cannot say enough bad things about Trump, but Hillary was occupying the place of the democratic candidate for president and I absolutely feel it should have been you there. I feel that the election was stolen from you in so many ways. I found myself looking at Hillary during the debate, and I just had this feeling as if “you shouldn’t be there, you went against the collective decision of the people”. She has gone against the conscience of the United States citizens by being there, having cheated in so many ways. It felt wrong looking at her as the candidate that I will have to vote for. 
The emails, the inconsistencies with her views and her concern for keeping the people in charge to stay in charge, ALL that she has done as compared with ALL the good you have done. She is on a tear for power, and plans to keep people like me down where I am, and has no interests in the majority of this country as you cared about. I just feel that she is there as part of the establishment and doesn’t care about the rest. You have lived modestly, have fallen on the more spiritual/altruistic/correct side of all the issues and the thing I liked about you the most is that you JUST COULD NOT BE CORRUPTED. JUST COULDN’T. It gave me incredible hope to see someone so pure in politics at that level. On an even playing field, no voter fraud, no cheating and fair media coverage, you win that election ten times out of ten.
So what do I do now? I have lost my steam for this election. After you were cheated and forced out, I tuned out. I made a small one time contribution to Hillary, and they send more emails, texts and calls than you ever had to for my vote when you had my vote in the primaries in NY. I will not campaign for Hillary with the same passion as did for you since you announced your candidacy. SHE UNDOUBTABLY HAS MY VOTE. But more that that, I cannot do. It feels wrong.
My professor Luther Brown would give his lecture, and pose a question. He would wait for someone to answer, and would never make you feel bad for giving the answer he was not looking for, correct or not. He would just say, “I believe there is a better answer”. And I feel that about you, that you were just the better answer to the competition. How does one judge morality, to look at the candidates values and not respect them or value their philosophy? It is wrong to not respect some ones philosophy, because that is all they have. I just feel that you were the better answer and that you were “right”. I felt that Trump and Hillary ran to inflate their ego. I don’t know why you ran, but for you the election, to me; you were about merely playing a role that you were sent/ prepared for. You did not do it for fame or glory, because your ideals did not change. I don’t know if you even wanted to be president other than the fact that you saw that the country needed you and you were, absolutely, literally, undoubtably the best man for the job.
My fiancé is going to Cornell, and she is a Mexican citizen, and she would have voted for you if she could have. We talk a lot about politics and its nice in a relation to talk about politics and she and I both fight for you.
Thank you for all you have done, for US (the people), and me personally.

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